Anti-Wasp Solution (1 Litre)

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Barlow Tyrie Anti-Wasp Solution, the ultimate solution to protect your weathered wood furniture from pesky wasps. This innovative product contains vanilla essence, a natural deterrent that safely keeps wasps away from your furniture, preventing them from defacing the surface and building nests. With a generous quantity of 1 litre / 33 fl oz, the Anti-Wasp Solution provides ample coverage to treat your furniture and keep it wasp-free. Its powerful formula effectively harnesses the cellulose found in weathered wood, making it unattractive for wasps to build their nests. Please note that the Anti-Wasp Solution is currently not available in the USA, making it an exclusive product for customers outside of the country. The Anti-Wasp Solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing furniture collection. Its neutral stock color ensures that it blends effortlessly with any wood finish, maintaining the natural beauty of your outdoor space. For those looking for a more customized look, special order colors are also available upon request. To further enhance the longevity and appearance of your furniture, we recommend using our range of care products. These specially formulated solutions are designed to protect and maintain the integrity of your furniture, ensuring it stays in pristine condition for years to come. The Anti-Wasp Solution is proudly brought to you by Barlow Tyrie, a trusted name in outdoor furniture. With their expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust that this product is of the highest standard. The Barlow Tyrie Product Code for the Anti-Wasp Solution is 4WS, making it easy to identify and order. Say goodbye to wasp infestations and protect your weathered wood furniture with the Anti-Wasp Solution. Order now and enjoy a wasp-free outdoor experience like never before.

Anti-wasp Solution

Anti-Wasp Solution contains vanilla essence that harmlessly deters wasps defacing the surface of weathered wood by harvesting the cellulose to build their nests. This product is not available . Quantity: 1 litre / 33 fl oz.

Product Code:4WS

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