Glenham Seat 240

Barlow TyrieSKU: 1GL24

Frame: Teak
Sale price£1,790.00 GBP
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Barlow Tyrie Glenham Seat 240, our longest bench with a center leg that offers stability without the weight of the Rothesay. This beautifully crafted seat is perfect for outdoor spaces, whether it be a garden, patio, or park. Made from natural teak, the Glenham Seat 240 exudes elegance and durability. The teak wood is known for its resistance to weathering and decay, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. With a height of 90cm (35"), length of 236cm (93"), and depth of 64cm (25"), this bench provides ample seating space for multiple people. The arm height of 63cm (25") and seat height of 41cm (16") ensure comfortable seating for extended periods. For added customization, the Glenham Seat 240 can be carved with intricate designs or fitted with a bronze plaque, allowing you to personalize it to your liking. Additionally, security fastenings are available to prevent any movement or removal of the seat, ensuring its longevity and security in public spaces. To enhance the longevity and appearance of your Glenham Seat 240, we offer a range of care products. Our Teak Colour Guard helps maintain the golden-brown color of new teak, while the Teak Stain Guard forms an invisible layer to protect against everyday stains. The Teak Cleaner restores discolored teak, and the Teak Oil retains the original color of new teak. We also offer an Anti-Wasp Solution to deter wasps from defacing the surface of the wood, as well as a Fabric Weather Guard to protect the seat cushion from weathering effects. Complete your outdoor seating area with our additional products, including the Glenham Seat Cushion 240 for added comfort and the Fixing Irons and Security Fasteners for added security in public spaces. Experience the beauty and functionality of the Glenham Seat 240. Upgrade your outdoor space with this timeless piece of furniture.

Glenham Seat 240

Our longest bench with a centre leg but not as heavy as the Rothesay. This seat can be carved or fitted with a bronze plaque. Security fastenings are available to prevent movement or removal.

Product Code:1GL24 Height:90cm - 35" Length:236cm - 93" Depth:64cm - 25" Arm Height:63cm - 25" Seat Height:41cm - 16" Weight:43kg - 95lbs

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