Norma Lounge Chair Dark Oak Oil/Linen Rope

Vincent SheppardSKU: CH250W012S038

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Luxury Garden Furniture Showroom - Our luxury garden furniture showroom has a selection of Vincent Sheppard furniture on display. Located close to M25 Junction 29.


Introducing the Norma Lounge Chair by Vincent Sheppard, a piece that epitomises the fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary design. This exquisite chair is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, comfort, and style, designed to enhance the aesthetic of any indoor space. The Norma Lounge Chair is a celebration of minimalist design, offering a sleek, inviting addition to your home decor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Norma Lounge Chair features a slender, black metal frame that provides a sturdy foundation while maintaining a sense of lightness and grace. The chair's distinctive silhouette is characterised by its gentle curves and refined lines, creating a look that is both sophisticated and inviting. The absence of cushions emphasises the chair's elegant structure and the beauty of its materials, allowing for a versatile piece that complements any interior design scheme. Designed for indoor use, the Norma Lounge Chair is perfect for creating a cosy reading nook, adding extra seating in the living room, or making a statement in a stylish office space. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort, while its aesthetic appeal makes it a focal point in any room. The price of the Norma Lounge Chair reflects the quality and craftsmanship behind this stunning piece. It is sold as a single chair, allowing you to purchase the exact number you need to complete your space, whether you're looking for a solitary accent chair or a set to outfit your room. Vincent Sheppard's Norma Lounge Chair is more an just a piece of furniture; it's a blend of art and functionality. Its timeless design ensures that it will remain a cherished part of your home for years to come, offering comfort and style in equal measure.

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